CRM Strategy - Drive loyalty to grow your business

Customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs are vital for companies in growing their business in the face of digital evolution where customers and the way businesses transact and interact are growing smarter. It is essential to include a customer loyalty and retention strategy (CRM) to create optimized value and foster a lasting and rewarding customer experience.

As the customer journey becomes more complex, leveraging your multi-channel marketing and brand channels are crucial in making purposeful engagements. Developing stronger relationships and increasing customer value are fundamental as businesses adapt and grow. With the right experience and marketing strategies and data insights, we can manage and improve your customer journey and business performance.

Picking the best customer loyalty solutions

  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Points and Reward Programs
  • Promotions driven campaigns
  • Experience Strategies

  • Do you know your customers?
    Recognise your customers
    Understand your customer behaviour
    Build a customised and personal relationship

    Drive loyalty to grow your business

    A good loyalty program is designed to nurture and manage effective interactions with your customers where you can attain greater value for your business and brand value through

  • CRM focused profiling of your customers
  • Identifying your Most Valuable Customers and their true value to your business
  • Sustaining Customer retention and ongoing brand loyalty
  • Strategic marketing programs
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Align and optimize product development initiatives
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    Key Highlights

    An Edenred CRM solution customized for your business

    • Program design and implementation
    • Loyalty consulting
    • Fully customized loyalty system and engine
    • Proprietary technologies and infrastructure
    • Communication channels and strategies
    • Data Analytics
    • Database design and management
    • Program and promotion management
    • Operations and customer service team support
    • Rewards catalogue
    • Incentives and redemption management

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